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BNC connector compression tool


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7.7"long,F/BNC/RCA connector compression tool with adjustment for crimping different length of connectors

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3 in 1 professional waterproof connector crimping tool , For use on RG-59 (4C), RG-6 (5C),  F ,BNC and RCA waterproof connectors  

AWG:  20-10 
Capacity:0.5-6 mm ²
Length:  250mm

For F,BNC,RCA,right angled and keystone module compression connectors,Available for RG59 and RG6 cables.with adjustment for crimping different length of connectors.


Compression Crimper

Compression crimping tool for RG6, RG59

Coaxial compression crimp tool


1. Crimp coaxial cable CATV F compression connectors and sealtite compression connectors, F, BNC, RCA for cable RG6, RG59

2. With adjustable crimping distance

3. Ratchet mechanism for full compression cycle

4. Designed for professional use

5. Length: 165mm

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